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At Stratton Global we understand the stresses of owning a retail store, that’s why we are excited to introduce the Stratton Global supervisor and monitoring systems for our range of products.

 The XWEB EVO Monitoring system was designed to optimise the display conditions for all sensitive food and beverages, delivering unparalleled security against stock loss. The system works by monitoring all information being captured by each digital controller, this information is then broadcasted into to one easy to access hub. From within this hub we can set alarm parameters, the most important being cabinet temperature.

 If one of the alarms is sounded, both the store owner, and our Stratton Global technical support team are notified via SMS, Email or Fax. In this instance we can log into the hub remotely, diagnose the issue, and have a report ready to assist the onsite technicians before they even arrive. In some cases, we can even resolve the issue remotely, eliminating the need for an onsite technician and their associated fees. Not only are we focused on product security, but energy efficiency is also one of our major drivers. With remote login through the hub, we can supervise your plant operation and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

 When the XWEB EVO system is paired with our VSD energy saving package we can save up to 35% on energy consumption compared to traditional systems. An added benefit is that the system automatically logs all temperature information into simple, easy to read, charts and graphs.  This Means, at the click of a button your full Haccp reports will be printed, eliminating the headache of manual temperature logging.

Please contact us with any queries you may have, we look forward to working with your business to optimise your systems.

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