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Glass door inserts

Enhance the functionality and efficiency of your cold room with our premium glass door inserts. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and durable materials, these inserts are designed to meet the highest standards of performance.


Power Supply:


Heated Glass and Frame Technology:

2-pane tempered glass with 1 electrical heating glass

4mm Low-E heated tempered glass + 4mm tempered glass


Argon gas filled for superior thermal efficiency

Magnetic door gasket seal for a secure closure


Aluminium alloy frame in black color for a sleek and modern look

Self-closing hinge system for convenience

Hold-open and door stop features


Full-length handle for easy access


T8 LED lighting for optimal visibility

Custom Size Option Available:

Tailor the glass door inserts to fit your specific requirements. We offer a custom size option to ensure a perfect fit for your cold room.



Durable and corrosion-resistant material for long-lasting use


Space-efficient design to maximize storage capacity

Adjustable Shelves:

Customize the shelving configuration to accommodate varying storage needs

Load Capacity:

Robust construction with a high load-bearing capacity of up to 100kg • Easy Installation: Simple installation process for quick setup


Suitable for storing a variety of items in cold storage conditions

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